The Polaris Fresh Water Generator

Utilizing the heat from diesel engine jacket cooling water, the Polaris Fresh Water Generator evaporates seawater to produce pure drinking water. This easily operated single-stage distiller incorporates low-maintenance materials that stand up to years of contact with corrosive seawater.

The Polaris Fresh Water Generator is equipped standard with an alarmed salinity control, hours-of-operation meter, and chemical dosing unit. The unit operates automatically based on set water flow and pressures, requiring minimal supervision. Capacities range from one to one hundred tons of fresh water each day.

Proven Fresh Water Distilling with the Polaris Fresh Water Generator

Owing to special design features, the Polaris Fresh Water Generator delivers excellent water distribution. There’s very little scaling. Steam can also be used as the heat source in place of heated jacket water. Distillers of this type are installed on hundreds of oceangoing vessels, providing process and drinking water with very low salinity. Contact us for more details on the engineering and applications of Polaris Fresh Water Generators.