Polaris Heat Exchangers for Oil and Gas Applications

It’s a paradox of energy refining that the process is energy intensive in itself. That’s one reason that Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers are popular in oil and gas refining applications – their efficiency in heat exchange supports profitability. Reducing energy consumption also contributes to “greener” refining operations.

All-Welded and Shell and Plate Heat Exchangers: Oil and Gas Specialties

At least two types of Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers are frequently specified in this industry. All-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers deliver excellent returns on energy expenditures. They are often selected for catalytic reforming, heating, cooling, condensing and reboiling applications. Polaris Shell and Plate Heat Exchangers exhibit minimal fouling, close approach temperatures, and low maintenance requirements. Thanks to the excellent materials used in their construction, they stand up well to aggressive process fluids. This combination of positive attributes contributes to their wide use in refining.

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