Polaris Heat Exchangers for Many Industries

The efficiency, reliability, versatility, superior engineering, low maintenance and sturdy construction of Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers make them a premier choice in many industries. Here’s a selection:



The variety of heat exchanger uses in industrial and manufacturing applications is enormous, and Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers excel in virtually all of them. View Products


Aboard ships, Polaris PHEs distill fresh water and pre-heat dense fuel oils. View Products

Food Processing

Compactness, hygienic materials and ease of inspection and cleaning make Polaris PHEs ideal for many food and dairy processing applications. View Products


Versatile, economical and reliable, Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers fit the widest possible range of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. View Products

Oil and Gas

For a number of challenging petrochemical applications, Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers are a safe, efficient, low-maintenance selection. View Products


Efficient, flexible Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers are effective components in many cogeneration systems View Products


Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers are ideally suited to multiple applications in ethanol production facilities. View Products

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